Getting started

Creating requirements

  1. On the Requirements tab, click "New requirement" to create a requirement.  (Alternatively, you can create a folder with the "New folder" button to store requirements in)

  2. Select a requirement type (Business or Software), add a Name, description, and optionally link issues and other requirements to the requirement

  3. To edit the requirement, click on the requirement in the left nav and click "Edit" on the right side    

Folder Hierarchy

  1. To create a folder, click the "New folder" button.

  2. Name the folder

  3. To add a new requirement under the folder, click on the folder you wish to be the parent, and click "Create a requirement in this folder"

  4. To add a child folder, click the folder you wish to be the parent, and click "Create a child folder" on the right side

Traceability Matrix

  1. Select the Traceability Matrix tab to view


You can create baselines, then compare the components of any two baselines.

  1. Click the "Baselines" tab, and select "Baseline explorer" in the dropdown.  Click "Create baseline"

  2. Add a name, description, and link requirements.

  3. To compare baselines, select the "Baseline comparison" option in the dropdown.

  4. Select the two baselines you'd like to compare.

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